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AFNOR Group RSS feeds


afnor.org en RSS

afnor.org publishes RSS feeds so that you can get real-time updates on AFNOR Group news on an array of topics, from standardization and certification to international highlights and new published releases (standards, books, standards collections) and back to training programmes, seminar schedules, and more...






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About RSS feeds

What is an RSS feed?
RSS feeds deliver free real-time content from websites that carry frequently updated news stories. A typical RSS feed will include headlines together with links to where the full stories or articles can be read online.

What do I need to use?
Before you can automatically retrieve RSS feeds from your chosen websites, you will need to get yourself software called an RSS reader.

RSS readers
There are a host of RSS readers that are all free to download:
- RssReader : http://www.rssreader.com
- AlertInfo : http://www.alertinfo.fr
- Other RSS readers available are geared to the platform you are using. Check with: http://allrss.com/rssreaders.html


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