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A diverse panel of business areas


AFNOR Group companies seek out highly-trained men and women. One or more years of field experience, whatever the setting, is also seen as a plus, as it often translates into adaptability and a capacity to revisit career decisions — both of which are valued as qualities in sync with today's constantly-shifting patterns of work.

The AFNOR Group is also highly receptive to profiles blending a pragmatic attitude with creativity and a drive to work towards building a safer world — people guided by respect as a core value. Respectful of the environment, respectful of rules, respectful of cultures.

With core activities stretching from regional to international scope, the AFNOR Group is able to cultivate over 80 different employment profiles.

Nine of them are outlined here. Nine core business areas that together illustrate the array of skillsets and diverse profiles we deploy to mesh with today's economies.


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Project leader

Responsible for ensuring successful execution of service production activities for a service that is handled within a project management framework and sold as specified in the job description file. The project leader's responsibilities within their scope of action extend to acting as AFNOR Group representative - a role that carries spokesperson duties for exchanges with customers and on workgroups and commissions.

AFNOR project leaders, by definition, liaise and work with their national and international contacts, with all the necessary travel entailed. AFNOR Group project leaders, if they are not tasked to the computer technology branch, report to senior management at the standardization department governing their activity focus.

AFNOR project leaders are people that, obviously, have to be well-versed in project management, but ideally they are able to repurpose projects to fit customer needs and capable of cultivating an undeniable consensus-driven talent for the art of sales. The role thus encapsulates the standout guiding philosophy at AFNOR: consensus.



The core AFNOR activities that employ sales engineers are publishing, training and certification. Sales engineers are the first-line contact for customers. They are tasked with selling and promoting AFNOR Group products.

Like sales reps anywhere, their mission is to retain and develop their customer portfolio. By bringing key contributions centred essentially on professional services, they provide service users with a compelling strategic asset. They demonstrate outstanding talent for customer-centric leadership that hinges on proactive responsiveness to customer voice backed up with good all-round skills and education. They are focused on facilitating all-round benefit and common good — a talent they seek to share with the people they liaise with.



The flagship occupation, synonymous with the certification industry. The AFNOR auditor, whether an outside consultant or on Group payroll, leads audits and assessments in compliance with the rulesets and procedures specific to each benchmark framework.

Auditors at AFNOR Certification are enrolled directly into the process of designing new services and redesigning existing services. The role often leads them to help promote these services at businesses and organizations running through the audit process.

The AFNOR auditors is also ideally placed to input feedback on potential opportunities, and consequently possesses the kind of well-honed communication skills that enable the AFNOR Group to feel safe in the knowledge that AFNOR services are being endorsed and championed at customer organizations.


Development engineer

Head of development. The driving force impelling sales, marketing and technology development in each of the AFNOR Group's four core activity clusters: standardization, certification, publishing, and training.

If the AFNOR has always managed to hold onto leadership positions in each of these core activities, it is down to the continued deployment of purposeful investment policy in order to stay a step ahead of market needs. The AFNOR development engineer's real talent lies in orchestrating their activity cluster to run to a three-step cycle: advocacy intelligence, to identify key players and mesh into strategic networks; business development planning, where they shape strategy and seek strategy endorsement among key market figures; and meeting customer expectations, carving out a position as a dependable support capable of tailoring and tracking customer solutions.

For the AFNOR Group, it is critically important that AFNOR development engineers are capable of interfacing directly with the market while at the same time nurturing cross-functional exchange and dialogue within company contours.



Injecting the conventional training function with a more creative role as implementation engineer on projects to get new training modules up and running, the AFNOR trainer needs tried-and-tested on-the-ground experience in standardization and certification.

Their tutorship ability has to extend beyond technical science to become more like an art, an extension of their personality. Their day-to-day role is to act as course leader and trainer tasked to both inter-company and intra-company traineeships.

It is to the trainer that the AFNOR Group, via its subsidiary AFNOR Competencies, charters responsibility for the quality and value-added competency development services marketed. The AFNOR trainer is most crucially a forefront role, a driver of new action skills for customers and a driver of solutions for their parent group.


Technical engineer

The AFNOR technical engineer operates in the engine-room of the AFNOR Group's core business: standardization. AFNOR technical engineers are tasked with managing, running and tracking a standardization mission being led in a technical discipline they are fully conversant with.

Their experience base guides them in implementing solutions geared to meeting AFNOR customer needs. Their position as advanced technologist secures them a global vision of the activity and the factors and drivers it engages in the day-to-day life of people or businesses. The focus is therefore on the technician's ability to drive innovation.


Document content specialist

AFNOR document content specialists need to draw on the full palette of personal qualities: someone with the ability to read ahead, who enjoys organizing, with a talent for clear, concise content editing. They provide technical assistance, both internally and to outside customers.

Document content specialists are tasked with providing information on the availability and content of French, European, international and foreign standards and regulations. With solidly grounded expertise in one or more areas of focus, they are able to pinpoint equivalency and crossover between standards or regulations from different source origins.

Over and above this support, content research and information screening role, document content specialists are drafted into the process of designing and building new information science products and new documentation management tools. AFNOR document content specialists are equally well-skilled in managing paper-print and digital media.


Product manager

Recruited as support to the AFNOR Group subsidiaries AFNOR Publishing and AFNOR Competencies. The product manager has to constantly redevelop a combination of talent, skills and experience that revolves around an ability to sense new trends and capture how they fit AFNOR customer expectations.

The product manager deploys these extrasensory homing skills to lead and coordinate the development and phased rollout of the design, market release, product management and upgrading of whole-line publishing or training packages.

AFNOR product managers are not just marketing people; they also facilitate sale channels. Their responsibilities extend to global product administration, as their play a direct role in holding target profits and drafting budget.



At AFNOR Certification, the engineer is no short-form development engineer. The engineer secures service or mission implementation, the outcomes, their progress curves. They boast full control over process constraints on deadlines, resources and innovation input.

If the process they champion needs an upgrade, the engineer has to be able to see it coming and carry it through, tapping into extensive training and technical experience to find solutions to sticking points and assure performance on the services or missions they govern.

The AFNOR Certification engineer is also missioned with representing the AFNOR Group's position whenever the need arises to highlight or defend technical appraisals on subjects or hot topics within the scope of a standard or a set of regulations.


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