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AFAQ 26000 Assessment

AFAQ 26000
Corporate Social Responsibility: where does your organisation stand?


Companies and organisations are being increasingly required to contribute towards sustainable development. Their performance must be based on three pillars: financial, social and environmental. This contribution from organisations is set out in ISO 26000, the first international standard to offer guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility, published on 1st November 2010. AFNOR Certification proposes the AFAQ 26000 assessment to help organizations assess the relevance and level of maturity of their practices under ISO 26000.


The benefits

Assess your Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Take on board the concepts involved in ISO 26000
  • Analyse your practices and results to measure the level of your commitment

Promote your contribution to sustainable development


  • With AFAQ 26000, your organisation’s responsible behaviour is recognised
  • Show your commitment through your certificate and logo

An approach that can be adapted to your company


  • AFAQ 26000 applies to all types of organisations and all business sectors
  • The assessment is useful, however far down the line you are with your approach: from a simple inventory to an evaluation of the work that your organisation has already done

Reinforce ties with all the groups involved in your activities


  • Identify the expectations of the groups involved in order to include them in your approach
  • Become the driving force and involve your employees, partners, customers, suppliers, local authorities, etc.

Innovate and develop your activities


  • AFAQ 26000, an international passport that helps you gain access to new markets and develop your products or services
  • The assessment report acts as a real road map, helping you identify many areas for improvement: consumer/user protection, environmental protection, risks and opportunities for access to markets


Assessment phases

The assessment covers:

  • your strategic, managerial and operational practices
  • the relevance and performance of your financial, social and environmental indicators

AFAQ 26000 takes place in 3 phases whose length is controlled

AFAQ 26000 processus


Why choose AFNOR Certification?

Many organisations have already used AFNOR Certification services in the past 3 years: large, medium-sized and small companies have helped to make AFAQ 1000NR, now AFAQ 26000, the benchmark for assessing Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (excluding the quoted companies market).


As specialists in assessing organisations, our expertise lies in our pool of dedicated assessors: these experts are specially qualified and their skills are continuously improved to provide you with even greater added value.


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