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ISO 9001 Certification - Quality

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To be AFAQ ISO 9001 "Quality Management System" certified is a strategic decision; a decision to stand out, in a positive way!



Outline of the solution

Adaptable to any company, whatever its size and sector of activity, ISO 9001 defines the requirements applicable to quality management for the realization of products and/or services by placing the customer at the heart of your concerns.


Within your organization, the AFAQ ISO 9001 certification initiative also enables you to assess potential default risks and to reduce them before customers or other stakeholders do so themselves.


But what is the profitability of a Quality initiative? That is difficult to estimate. Nonetheless, the non-quality costs, with products repealed and unsold, can itself become cumbersome and even disastrous...


AFAQ ISO 9001 certification thus enables you to anticipate changes in your sector, be more competitive, optimize your production costs and manage your company with total peace of mind.


So - stand out, in a positive way!


How to go about getting certified

To guide you in your certification, we offer a flexible methodology which is tried and tested:

Get in touch!

Contact us to let us know about your project.  One of our advisers will then go over the details of your project with you.  Shortly after, you will receive a proposal detailing the estimated timeframes and costs.

Meet us!

There is bound to be a delegation of the AFNOR Group near you! Our employees are at your disposal should you need any information and they are able to come and talk to you in person.

Get informed and get trained!

Broaden your knowledge on the subject thanks to our selection of publications. And, so that you are the main stakeholder in your own certification, we offer a wide array of short and long training courses, some of which lead to a certificate, and the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Before proceeding to the audit phase, it is helpful to review all of the strengths and weaknesses of your company, in order to correct any weaknesses in your initiative.


By requesting an Evaluation Visit, you are making a pre-diagnosis preparing you for the certification audit to come.

Your Certification!

As soon as a contract is established, we will assign to you a technical sales representative who will guide you through all of your projects associated with your certification. He/she will be your main contact.


In the field, one of our auditors will come to you to analyze your activities and practices by carrying out interviews, indicator reviews, etc. There is no need to worry about his/her capabilities - we will assign to you someone whose field of expertise corresponds with your business sector.


Moreover, all of our auditors are regularly assessed, to make sure that they offer you the best possible service. At the end of his/her visit, he/she will write a report which will enable you to identify your strengths and weaknesses which will then allow a decision to be made regarding your AFAQ ISO 9001 certification.


And if the outcome is positive? AFNOR Certification will issue your certificate defining the scope of your certification and will give you your online access codes to your "customer" area. In this customer area, you will find the rules for using the logo and the words that you should append on your communication media, audit reports, etc.

And afterwards?

Your auditor will come back every year, or even every semester, in order to carry out a follow-up on your initiative. These interventions are important events which enable you to evaluate your progress.


Moreover, AFNOR Certification will keep you continuously informed of news regarding your certification via regional events, newsletter, social network, Action & Performance magazine and your secured "customer" area, etc.


At the end of the three year cycle, you can therefore renew your certification without risk!


The benefits

The AFAQ ISO 9001 certification enables you:



  • to measure your performance and your progress,
  • to optimize your internal operations thanks to continual improvement,
  • to homogenize your practices throughout your whole company
  • to develop your employees' skills,
  • to implement project management,
  • to reduce costs related to non-quality
  • to involve your teams in a common project.


  • to offer products and services in line with your customers' quality requirements,
  • to improve your customers' satisfaction owing to a better understanding of their expectations,
  • to have a competitive advantage in order to increase your competitiveness,
  • to open you up to new markets, notably thanks to a certificate with international scope,
  • to reinforce the trust of your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, authorities, etc.),
  • to enhance your quality commitment and have it recognized.


Why choose AFNOR Certification?

By choosing AFNOR Certification, you will benefit from a long lasting endorsement. With the AFAQ and NF brands and ecolabels, you will benefit from the strength of brands recognized by professionals as well as the general public.


With more than 65,000 certified sites of all sizes and across all sectors, AFNOR Certification is France's no.1 certification body. For more than 20 years, we have been guiding companies and authorities through their "Quality" initiatives. Our international presence also means that we can guide you through the implementation of initiatives on a global scale.


One of the recognized strengths of AFNOR Certification its ability to listen to its customers' needs and objectives. For this reason, we offer a personalized approach to certification, while respecting your specific features.


Our auditors are experienced in all business sectors, as much in the domain of industry as in the service sector. They will bring their know-how to facilitate the success of your initiative, providing you with a service with a great deal of added value.


Over the last few years, the quality approach has evolved towards solid and pragmatic provisions, rather than an overload of paperwork. AFNOR auditors give priority to the business sector of the audited company, making sure that the system in place is a tool to aid performance.


Moreover, to go that extra mile in our improvement initiatives, we have a wide array of sector-specific services related to ISO 9001.


Combined certifications

Having complete control of your initiative, you can activate the Quality, Safety and Environment certification solutions one by one, or you can choose to combine them.


Thanks to our auditors’ know-how and the compatibility of the reference standards, if you pair up your "System" initiatives, you can optimize the cost and duration of your audit. Here are some examples of pairing up initiatives:


•    ISO 9001 "Quality" + ISO 14001 "Environment",
•    "System" + "Product" (e.g. ISO 9001 + European ecolabel),
•    "System"  & "Service" (e.g. ISO 9001 + NF Service)
•    ...


Do you wish to capitalize on your your Quality initiative? Our "Focus Lean" service, combined with your ISO 9001 certification audit, will enable you to track waste, improve flows, reduce production cycles and organize just-in-time.


You can also become involved in a "total quality" management initiative, by using EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) type models, in order to develop in terms of excellence.


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