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ISO 9001 Certification

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Step up management, performance and competitiveness throughout your organization


Outline of the solution

The ISO 9001 series sets standard requirements governing quality management systems for delivering products and/or services.
Drafted and published by the ISO - the international organization for standardization, of which the AFNOR is French representative — ISO 9001 refocuses an organization's concerns around the customer as central figure.


Standard ISO 9001 is platformed on 8 fundamental management guidelines:


  • Customer-centric focus
  • Leadership
  • Active endorsement among staff
  • Process-driven approach
  • System-based approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Fact-based approach to decision-making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

ISO 9001 helps businesses deliver products or services that meet customer requirements, implement efficient processes, and build a business plan.


It proves equally useful when employed for internal endpoints as for staking out positions in competitive marketplaces, and its international reach underlines its status as the benchmark management tool for organizations worldwide.


Steps leading to certification:

In order to successfully usher in ISO 9001: 2008 certification, AFNOR Certification deploys a tried-and-tested, flexibly interactive method based on coaching and guidance throughout the certification phase:

  • Targeted interviews and data-gathering on your organization, your operating environment, and your management system
  • Execution of the certification audit
  • Step 1: front-end analysis on the key components of your management system,
  • Step 2: auditing your business operations and routine practices through interviews, performance indicator reviews, and so on.
  • Drafting an audit report
  • Decision to award certification
  • Certificate issued for a 3-year period
  • 6-month or 12-month routine surveillance audits


The benefits

In the short-term, AFNOR Certification's ISO 9001 certification programme enables you to:

  • improve customer satisfaction performance,
  • ensure your products or services meet quality assurance requirements,
  • engage, empower and desegregate your teams,
  • cut the costs tied to non-quality,
  • gain a competitive advantage and increase your competitiveness,

In the mid-to-long-term, you consolidate sustainable future performances by:


  • implementing an operational process improvement plan,
  • identifying and managing your risks.


Why Afnor Certification is the right choice

Afnor Certification has earned ISO 17021 accreditation. This accreditation attests the transparency of our certification process and provides assurance that AFNOR Certification deploys all means and resources necessary to guarantee the value of your certification.

Highly professional, fully cooperative teams

Never embarked on a certification process before? You want to contract an experienced certification body? Maybe you are an SME? Unfamiliar with certification procedures? Whatever your organization, our teams are on hand to help.


Services that cater for your unique requirements

Ever-attentive to your needs and objectives, we engage a certification process approach tailored to your own organization, your own management system. Your organization gets to benefit from the sector-specialized insight, skills and expertise of our auditors.


A widely-recognized certificate

AFNOR Certification's renowned competence and impartiality credentials your certificate. AFNOR Certification is a partner member of the IQNet International Quality Network, which is the world-leading network of independent certification bodies, with a 40% market share of certificates issued worldwide. This means you can be sure your certificate is widely recognized abroad.
Our international reach enables us to partner customers as they seek to implement approaches across the global arena.


Combination certification coverage

AFNOR Certification is in a position to couple ISO 9001 certification with other certifications governing management systems (including ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO TS 16949, EN 9100, ISO 27001), products (such as the European Ecolabel and the NF Environnement mark) and services (NF Services, AES, ASC and more).


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