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1- Management system certification bodies
  • IQNet (International Quality Network) partnerships

AFNOR Certification is a partner member of the IQNet International Quality Network, which has a 40% market share of certificates issued worldwide. The IQNet network federates the leading certification bodies in over 35 countries, from Europe and Asia to Australia and North America.
By opting into this network, AFNOR Certification can offer our customers added benefits, by making it possible to coordinate international-scale audits or harmonize certification processes.
IQNet certificates can be issued in tandem with the AFAQ certificate to leverage enhanced recognition of your certification in the global marketplace.

  • Mutual recognition agreements

You get to benefit from additional recognition of your certificate by partner certification bodies that share our same core values.
By outfitting you with dual certification, these bilateral agreements open up access to new local marketplaces dotted around the world.

  • DQS – Germany
  • DS – Denmark
  • JQA – Japan
  • QMI – North-America
  • SQS – Switzerland
2- Accreditation bodies, product and service certification bodies, notified organizations

These agreements, for the most part signed with French-run bodies, offer several benefits: cutting the number of audits being conducted by your customers, while getting 2, 3, perhaps 4 separate certificates out of a single audit programme.

  • COFRAC : Comité Français d'Accréditation, the French accreditation committee
  • COPREC : French federation of professional prevention and control organizations
  • CSTB : French Centre for Building Sciences and Technologies Research
  • CTBA : Technical Centre for the Wood and Furniture Industry
  • CERIB : French R&D Centre for the Concrete Industry


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