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Pledged commitments


As is stipulated in the international standards, a certification body has to act in total independence, free from ties to its customers. AFNOR Certification is not just a trusted third party standing firm in its advocacy of independence and confidentiality; we go the extra mile to guarantee that our code of professional ethics is shared by all teams and adopted throughout our partner networks.


AFNOR policy is braided by three central strands: impartiality in judgements on the issuing of certification, equal treatment for all applicants and all certification-holders, and fully transparent decision-making.



AFNOR Certification coordinates a 1500-strong network of qualified, experienced auditors. Most of them also have a 'day job' alongside their auditor role. These auditors perform to the very same code of professional conduct as that governing the AFNOR: impartiality, professionalism, hands-on guidance. They are duty-bound to refresh their qualifications and their in-depth knowledge of the reference frameworks that they audit. AFNOR Certification tasks them to missions according to each customer's specific profile: their business, size, language, radius of activity, corporate culture, and so on…


AFNOR Certification's qualified auditors are renowned for their independence, their talent for consensus-building and co-development, and their full mastery of the target business sector.


The assessment and certification services offered by AFNOR Certification are delivered, in the main, through two world-class quality marks: AFAQ and NF. The NF mark activity mobilizes a comprehensive network of impartial and competently-skilled technical bodies (industry-leading laboratories, technical centres and inspection agencies), all AFNOR Certification partners.


All are COFRAC-accredited. They boast insider scientific knowledge and field-proven technical skills in their respective areas of action. It is this network-driven setup that drives AFAQ and NF mark development and market-awareness.


Independence, impartiality

Our code of ethics triangulates around:



  • Independence, impartiality, and compliance with the code of professional ethics when developing our services and conducting our business.
  • Decisions to award certification, inspection and qualification taken by experts with inside knowledge of your business sectors and the constraints involved.
  • A benchmark certificate whose reputability and international renown are commensurate with the level of dedication you have put in.

« AFNOR Certification has set up an organisation, which shows its customers that it provides quality certification, assessment, inspection and company qualification services. Our accreditations for our main activities as well as those of our partners are proof of this.



As the Managing Director of AFNOR Certification, I am committed to:

  • defining, implementing and developing a quality management system and assessment, certification, inspection and company qualification processes that conform to current international standards for the assessment of conformity:  ISO/CEI 170211, ISO/CEI 17065, ISO/CEI 17024, ISO/CEI 17020 and NF X50-091,
  • implementing a quality policy aimed at improving our services and satisfying our customers,
  • implementing non-discriminatory operating procedures for access to certification, assessment, inspection and company qualification services to any customer requesting them,
  • guaranteeing the confidentiality of any information obtained as part of the activity, at all levels of the organisation,
  • adopting procedures guaranteeing the accreditation of the personnel and improvement of competences and monitoring their application,
  • guaranteeing the independence, impartiality and integrity of the operation of our organisation.



To this end, AFNOR Certification meets the independence criteria of the NF EN ISO/CEI 17020 standard by type C status.


Furthermore, our Supervisory and Improvement Committee, bringing together the different stakeholders in certification, supervises the certification process, guarantees the impartiality of our processes and ensures there is no conflict of interest.



Our shared values are precision, ethics, respect for our customers and the service that we are obligated to provide. We are therefore committed to providing professional work to each of our customers and to search continuously for ways of improving the quality of our certification, assessment, inspection and qualification services. Each of our employees and personnel under contract are personally committed to respecting these values, implementing them and pointing out any conflict of interest.»

1 Option 2 of the §10.3 of ISO/IEC 17021: 2006


Franck Lebeugle, Managing Director of AFNOR Certification


Hands-on guidance

AFNOR Certification customers are guaranteed hands-on guidance from a dedicated correspondent throughout the assessment and/or certification process. One of the secrets to AFNOR Certification's success has been its ability to reproduce this customer-tailored follow-up at international scale, through local branches in over 90 countries across five continents, and through 14 regional delegations on French home turf. The French delegations organize events and host certification-holder club meetings (the 'Clubs des Certifiés') where participants can network and exchange feedback.


EAFNOR Certification offers the same level of quality service delivery in France and abroad, driving improved performance for customers worldwide.


Complaint Handling

You are a customer of AFNOR Certification

You wish to contest a certification (or qualification*) decision


Please send us your written complaint within 15 days from the decision date (or the date you were informed of the decision),

. We assess your request and assign another decision maker if necessary,

. We inform you of the new certification decision if need be, You may appeal against this 2nd decision,

. In this case, we call on an external expert committee assigned to make a new decision,

. We inform you of the new certification decision.

. Appealing against a certification decision does not have a suspensive effect.


*With regard to an inspection, specific measures exist: please contact us for further information (see contact details below).


You are not satisfied with one of our products/services(such as audit services, business relationship, forwarded documents)


Please send us your written complaint,

. We analyze your request and assess its admissibility,

. If your request is admissible, we analyze the causes of the complaint,

. We define the corrections to perform and measures to implement, if necessary,

. We inform you of our response.


Complaints of financial nature are not admissible when the contractual conditions have been met.

You are not a customer of AFNOR Certification

You wish to complain about a product, a service, a person or a company certified(or qualified*) by AFNOR Certification


Please send us your written complaint,

. We analyze your request and assess its admissibility,

. We inform you of our response.

. If your request is admissible, we ask our certified customer to handle your complaint,

. During the certification surveillance, we check that the customer concerned by your complaint has implemented the appropriate corrective measures,

. When making the certification decision, the decision maker takes into account the handling of your complaint by the certified customer.


*With regard to an inspection, specific measures exist: please contact us for further information (see contact details below).

If you wish to make a complaint, please contact:


Chargée des Réclamations / Complaints Officer

Département Qualité AFNOR Certification / AFNOR Certification Quality Department

11 rue Francis Pressensé - F-93571 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex

Phone n°: (+33)

Email: reclamationcertification@afnor.org


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