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The defining issues


Any company that embarks on a certification initiative is taking the decision to place customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. Contracting the services of AFNOR Certification is a way of guaranteeing the right to credibly showcase the products, services and service packages offered, at the same time profiting from strong marketplace leverage and a clear competitive edge.


The certification scheme entails constant control and re-analysis of business objectives, making it an instrument of continuous improvement, a proactive way to make sure nothing is ever left taken for granted.


Tens of thousands of AFNOR Certification customers from over 60,000 sites worldwide have all understood the message: they have made the move to perpetually readjust to market and environmental change.


Certification - our definition

Certification is a business process through which a recognized body acting independently with no ties to the parties involved gives written assurance that an organization, a process, a service, a product or a set of professional skills meets the baseline requirements set out in a reference standard.


Note that AFNOR Certification delivers this written assurance within a specific, well-bounded framework that is meticulously audited by an accreditation body, in France it is COFRAC (accreditations No. 4-0001, 4-0057, 4-0571, 5-0030, 5-0071, and No. 3-0738 - Scope available at www.cofrac.fr ).


Beneficial spin-off

Certification is an instrument for management that drives progress; by improving its process efficiency, a firm or organization will win new markets.


By gaining certification, you are giving your customers the message that you know how to meet their needs while continually improving the quality of your organization and its products, services and professional competency capital. You are also sending out a strong statement on your competitive differentiation. More than just giving recognition, AFNOR Certification actually helps firms create more added-value.


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