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Standardization and You


You are a stakeholder in standardization! In addition to having your say in the main steps in the life of a standard, AFNOR Standardization invites you to participate in the standardization process by joining the standardization commissions. AFNOR Standardization also supports you through your changes thanks to numerous bespoke services suited to your issues. Standardization and Innovation go very well together: let us convince you of that!


Join a standardization commission

By participating in a standardization commission, you are contributing to defining the rules of the market, raising awareness of your enterprise, company or body, benefitting from a privileged network of relations and developing your technological watch. By joining the 20,000 French experts, you have access to European and international work and can negotiate the technical content of tomorrow's standards with other countries. You also develop lobbying networks and alliances to defend French stances and thus promote yourself to large national and international economic players!


Participate in a Regional Exchange Platform

The Regional Exchange Platform is a privileged site open to all organizations in a region: companies, councils, local associations, etc. Thanks to this convivial tool, you anticipate the requirements of future standards by benefitting upstream from privileged information on changes to content. You can thus assess its impact and take the necessary measures. During the quarterly meetings, you discuss your experiences and share best practices with colleagues from different fields. Standardization is synonymous with innovation: by being the first to know, you are the first to act!


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Let us conduct your feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are used to assess the political acceptability and feasibility of a standardization project, whether on the French, European or international level. Each study comprises a documentary analysis, notably including an analysis of the sector's regulatory and standard context. Parties interested in the subject of standardization are identified and interviewed, and can take advantage of AFNOR's expertise and in-depth knowledge of the various mechanisms required for drafting standards and reference documents. AFNOR makes available its knowledge of the different interested parties on a regional, national, European and international levels.

Let us draft your reference documents

By calling on AFNOR's expertise in writing and managing the drafting processes for writing your reference documents (agreements, best practice reference guides, application guides, etc.), you have a specific document suited to your needs and practices, which represents the first level of consensus in your business sector and can be the first step towards drawing up a standard.

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Join the association

By joining AFNOR, you contribute to the work of a genuine centre of economic intelligence, capable of covering all fields of technical, economic and social activity. You benefit from information and drafts relating to standardization, certification and regulations before anyone else. You have access to private spaces on the Internet. Finally, you defend your interests by bringing your expertise to the standardization commissions whilst supporting the Association.


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