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Expanding competencies


The AFNOR Competencies training policy builds on a winning formula where the onus is on adopting operational insights and experience but where there is leeway to explore more situational play so as to rehearse in preparation for real professional situations.

Within the space of 20 years, this AFNOR Group subsidiary has carved out an exclusive range of training programmes covering the needs of business, local authorities and administrations alike. The AFNOR Competencies range enables all customers from any activity sector to gain a better grasp on the role of regulatory and standards-related factors in a fast-changing socio-economic environment.

In order to integrate the technical constraints of its customer base, AFNOR Competencies has implemented a customer voice system as a powerful feedback capture tool. This system is authenticated via customer satisfaction and impact metrics on each of the 1,000 training sessions delivered annually. The skills and experience of AFNOR Competencies have been given recognized proof in the form of C2E certification awarded by the EFQM for excellence in its improvement approach.

Many AFNOR Competencies training courses conclude in certificate validation of the level or even diploma achieved - a guarantee that reassures our customers.


Comprehensive, well-targeted training programmes

Every year, AFNOR Competencies reaffirms its position as market leader in management system training by integrating any new themes or benchmarks that could bring useful spin-off for customers, as and when they appear.

A significant share of AFNOR Competencies investment goes into the research, design and development of innovative new solutions.

The course schedule for the 2008-2009 season features 110 new training products. The feedback surveys conducted by AFNOR Competencies at the close of every traineeship point to an 85% -plus customer satisfaction rate!

Over and above recognized skills and expertise, AFNOR Competencies also offers the most wide-reaching catalogue of training focuses on the market. Illustrative examples could include:

  • Organization-level performance,
  • Management of service activities,
  • Audits and assessment,
  • Sustainable development,
  • Integrating QSE systems...

By electing to work with AFNOR Competencies, our customers — SMEs, corporations, administrations or even local council authorities — are teaming up with the market benchmark.


The actors involved

AFNOR Competencies secures the services of a top-quality, experienced and expertly-skilled network of trainers and course leaders via a three-step selection process.

  • Step 1 validates solid expertise by evaluating the technical competencies of the candidate training leaders.
  • Step 2 shortlists the talented candidates who demonstrate real educational delivery capacities when put through scenario-based situational sequences.
  • Finally, step 3 mirrors a continuous assessment approach.

At the close of each training unit, the trainees file an assessment of their trainer. The results are utilized to identify areas for improvement in later training delivery.

Today's 150-strong team of AFNOR Competencies instructional staff delivers one of the most world-class training service packages on the market. Every man and woman in the team practices what they preach in over 500 all-scale, all-sector companies.


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