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Scope of the training catalogue

AFNOR Store Training  

Professionals that choose AFNOR Competencies can tap into a catalogue of training programmes offering tailored skills immediately deployable within their own business or organization. This catalogue features a wide-ranging, cross-sectional selection of 340 rigorously-tailored training programmes that all qualify as 'DIF' continuing professional development units.

The learning approach is always tailored to the customer's needs. Whether customers opt for short-burst or long-haul training, either at work or off-site, AFNOR Competencies secures them the best-geared solution. Furthermore, AFNOR Competencies rounds off each training module with a panel of training recognition solutions ranging from straightforward accreditation through to certification on the field implementation of newly-acquired skills. Formats include certificate validation, diplomas, and certification of the in-field skills acquired.

With 10,000 trainees registered every year, AFNOR Competencies has anchored its position as leading provider of training on management systems and related methods and audit programmes.


Inter- or intra-company solutions

The AFNOR Competencies range of inter-company training packages runs from one-day sessions to full professionalization cycles led over 24 days. The trainee-participants are logically drawn in from several different companies. Courses therefore open up opportunities for them to board new skillsets through the combination of a training programme with shared inquiry, field experience and learning.


AFNOR Competencies also offers face-to-face training solution: intra-company training programmes. Intra-company training programmes mirror the inter-company training modules but are led directly in the customer's field of activity. Intra-company training offers the advantage of being fully tailorable to the specific features and culture set found at the participant's business.


e-learning and blended learning solutions

In addition to face-to-face classroom-format training, where trainees are in direct contact with instructors either at work or in an AFNOR Group training centre, AFNOR Competencies also proposes a catalogue of technology-supported learning solutions. This offer package carries the advantage of leaving the employee free to manage their work timetable.

The AFNOR Competencies catalogue of e-Learning solutions features one-to-one or self-led learning modules. This approach is designed to prevent struggling learners having to wade through complex learning programmes delivered exclusively through Internet-based resources. e-Learning solutions are centred on starter and advanced ISO 9001 training, getting to grips with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and e-auditing, and programmes on focuses such as sustainable development.


In order to stay responsively tuned to customer expectations, AFNOR Competencies has also built a set of blended learning solutions. This approach provides a mix of face-to-face and distance learning modules to suit the pace of trainees as they acquire the new knowledgesets they need for their missions.



To round off this training offer, AFNOR Competencies schedules one-day seminars to create a forum for cross-fertilization of ideas and feedback with customers.

These seminars, termed 'Dires d’Expert' (words from the expert) or 'Journées Référence' (reference days) offer customers the opportunity to gain one-to-one contacts with the people who have complete command over standards, benchmark frameworks, regulatory control and certification. They also offer AFNOR Competencies the opportunity to showcase our field skills and experience.


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