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Training - mission overview


In today's fast-changing and mobility-fuelled economy, having a well-trained workforce is a key growth factor.

More and more businesses and organizations from every sector are choosing to adopt standards or benchmarks to meet their improvement and performance needs.

The convergence of these two factors is ample proof of the pivotal role played by the AFNOR Group's training branch. The overarching role of AFNOR Competencies is to help businesses understand and take ownership of the benchmarks designed to boost their performance.

AFNOR Store Training  

AFNOR Competencies offers a very broad-based panel of training solutions tailored to customer needs.

This offer comes complete with additional training recognition solutions: from accreditation of prior learning through to certification on the field-implementation of new skills.

Our vast training programme portfolio boasts over 340 products distilled into 6 core theme-sets: Quality and audit management, Environment, Safety and Sustainable development, Competency governance and matrix management, Systems integration and business performance, Functional and organizational efficiency, and a last section that covers the audit and benchmarking systems specific to 7 core activity sectors.


Focusing on operational field deployment, AFNOR Competencies has developed an enjoyable hands-on learning approach geared towards situational settings. There is a broad range of course solutions catered for, running from one-day sessions to full professionalization cycles over 24 days. Course pace is equally modular, with customers opting to follow attendance-based course or distance-learning solutions, either at their workplace or in one of the AFNOR's two dedicated training centres. Whatever format is chosen, AFNOR Competencies guarantees training that is instantly transposable to the professional setting.


In 2009, AFNOR Competencies was recognized as R4E, or 'Recognition for Excellence' on the EFQM's levels of excellence rating scale. This European EFQM model positions organizations in an approach engaged to achieve best management practices.

This recognition together with the 10,000 trainees registered every year underline the position of AFNOR Competencies as leading French provider of management systems, system methods, and audit methods training.


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