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"Principles and requirements for consumer reviews online", one of the month's standards

Principles and requirements for consumer reviews online, assessment of exposure to chemical and biological agents in the workplace, guide to maintaining the degree of fire resistance of elevator doors, playgrounds accessible for all children… Discover our news standards selection for June 2013.


Consumers' reviews online - Principles and requirements concerning the processes for collecting, moderating and displaying consumer reviews online

Standard NF Z 74-501 (publication date: July 19, 2013) defines all of the requirements that apply to systems and devices set up by the review manager for reliably processing consumer reviews. Review processing includes collecting, moderating and displaying them. Put together with the help of several stakeholders (professionals, consumers, public authorities, etc.) who met over an 18-month period, the standard sets out, on an opt-in basis, the best practices for increasing the reliability of and building trust in the processing and publication methods of consumer reviews online. Classification index: Z 74-501; ICS: 35.240.60


Workplace air - Assessment of exposure to chemical and biological agents in the workplace - Diffusion sampling of gas and vapors

Standard NF X 43-280 (publication date: August 12, 2013) specifies the general presentation and use of devices for diffusion sampling of gas and vapors in the atmosphere. Classification index: X 43-280; ICS: 13.040.30


Elevators - Modifications to elevator doors - Guide to maintaining the degree of fire resistance

Technical report FD P 82-023 (publication date: June 29, 2013) applies to elevator doors that have a fire resistance test certificate (1/2 hour flame arrester: PF30), in the event that the elevator shaft helps to limit spread of the fire through the building. Classification index: P 82-023; ICS: 13.220.50; 91.140.90


Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Hygienic handrub. Test method and requirements (phase 2/step 2)

Standard NF EN 1499 (publication date: August 4, 2013) describes a test method simulating practical conditions for determining whether a product for hygienic hand washing reduces transient microbial flora of the hands when used for washing the artificially contaminated hands of volunteers. It applies to products intended for hygienic hand washing in fields and situations where disinfection is medically recommended. Classification index: T 72-501; ICS: 11.080.20

Health informatics - Syntax to represent the content of healthcare classification systems - Classification Markup Language (ClaML)

Standard NF EN ISO 13120 (publication date: June 9, 2013) is aimed primarily at formally representing the content and hierarchical structure of healthcare classification systems in a markup language for the safe exchange and distribution of data and structure between organizations and dissimilar software products.Classification index: S 97-511; ICS: 35.240.80


Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT - Prefabricated tertiary treatment units

Standard NF EN 12566-7 (publication date: July 28, 2013) specifies the requirements, test methods, marking and assessment of the conformity of a ready-to-use and/or site-assembled tertiary treatment unit installed either separately or in a pre-existing unit. It applies to tertiary treatment units introduced on the market as complete units for the tertiary treatment of domestic wastewater by biological, physical, chemical or electrical processes from units conforming to standard NF EN 12566-3+A2 or standard NF EN 12566-6 (currently being drafted) and from systems designed and built in accordance with technical report FD CEN/TR 12566-5. Classification index: P 16-800-7; ICS: 13.060.30


Nanotechnologies - Nanoparticles in powder form - Characteristics and measurements

Experimental standard XP ISO/TS 17200 (publication date: July 10, 2013) lists fundamental characteristics which are commonly determined for nanoparticles in powder form. It specifies the specific measurement methods for each of these characteristics. It does not specify acceptable quantitative criteria for characteristics, as these are subject to an agreement between the sellers, buyers and regulatory bodies. Classification index: T 16-211; ICS: 07.030


Playground equipment accessible for all children

Technical report FD CEN/TR 16467 (publication date: May 26, 2013) covers open access, unsupervised play spaces. It does not cover adventure playgrounds or other play spaces which are used under supervision. Its aim is to enable users, to a large extent, to access play spaces and use the equipment independent of the help of others. This Technical Report is intended to be used in conjunction with all parts of standard NF EN 1176 and provides guidance to those involved in the specification, provision and management of play environments. It is intended to help create spaces that will promote opportunities for children of differing abilities to have the opportunity to participate in unsupervised play, and with appropriate levels of challenge and risk. Classification index: S 52-211; ICS: 11.180.01; 97.200.40


Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel - Ultrasound

Standard NF ISO 18436-8 (publication date: July 19, 2013) specifies the requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel who perform machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics using ultrasound. A certificate or declaration of conformity to the standard provides recognition of the qualifications and competence of individuals to perform ultrasound measurements and analysis for machinery condition monitoring using ultrasound equipment. It is possible that this procedure is not applicable to specialized equipment or other specific situations. Classification index: E 90-408-8; ICS: 03.100.30; 17.160


Fire safety engineering - Fire risk assessment - Example of an industrial property

Technical report FD ISO/TR 16732-3 (publication date: April 7, 2013) deals with a fictitious propane storage facility. The fire risk assessment developed in the technical report is not intended to be exhaustive, but is given as an example to illustrate the application of standard NF ISO 16732-1 to an industrial facility. Dedicated to the reception of propane transported by tank wagons, the storage of propane in a pressurized vessel and the bulk shipment of propane by tank trucks. Classification index: P 92-542-3; ICS: 13.220.01;

Good practice standard on equipment accessibility in buildings

Good practice standard BP P 96-103 (publication date: November 29, 2014) is a decision-aiding guide for designing and installing equipment, in terms of quality of use, linked to buildings. Classification index: P 96-103; ICS: 11.080.01; 91.040.10

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