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Food safety: France actively contributes to revision of ISO 22000

Updating and clarification of key concepts, alignment with the new structure for management system standards... A new version of the international standard on food safety management is due to be released at the end of 2017.


Since the version of ISO 22000 published in 2005, the food and farming sector and food safety practices have changed considerably. And so ISO 22000 is being remodelled to raise the general quality of professional practices worldwide. 73 countries are involved in revision of the standard, including France thanks to active support by various bodies and professionals working within the AFNOR standardization committee on “Traceability and safety of food products”.


“France is playing a key role in the revision of ISO 22000,” explains Jean-Robert Geoffroy, CEO of ADRIA Développement and Chairman of the AFNOR committee.

“The new version of the standard will in particular be based on two documents initiated and steered by France1 published in 2014 and which give recommendations on the use of ISO 22000 given new practices and new needs in the sector. Didier Sebeon was closely involved in drafting these two documents and continues to lead the mirror group in France for the ISO 22000 revision. He also relies greatly on the supportive work of Stéphanie Tiprez, Secretary of this AFNOR committee.”


Key directions of the revision


“Simplifying the standard and making it more concise, clarifying certain key concepts such as operational prerequisite programs, the risk based approach, product withdrawals and recalls... such are the high expectations of the wide range of French professionals and industrialists involved in this work and who include agricultural producers, manufacturers of food products, operators, subcontractors, etc.,” stresses Jean-Robert Geoffroy. Expectations shared by international experts.


At the end of February 2015, the international working group communicated the initial priority axes. These included:

  • Align the standard's structure with that` of other management system standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.) – to simplify combined approaches.
  • Update terms and definitions.
  • Avoid content that is too prescriptive.
  • Ensure greater integration of SMEs and VSEs.

Impacts on ISO 22000 certification


Third party certification enables an enterprise, via an inspection body, to demonstrate compliance with the standard's requirements. More than 26,000 enterprises across the world held ISO 22000 certification at the end of 2013, including over 500 in France2.

“Revision of the standard should result in a number of modifications or adjustments. We are closely monitoring every stage of progress by the international working group, so that we can inform our customers on procedures for transition to the new version. We will start to have a clearer idea in late October 2015,” says Valentine Digonnet of AFNOR Certification, one of the certification bodies among the members of the standardization committee.


The next steps

  • 13 to 15 October 2015 in Paris: AFNOR hosts all the involved countries at a meeting intended to formalize a first version of the draft standard.
  • Mid-2016: draft standard submitted for voting by member countries. At national level, submission to a public enquiry, so that everyone and anyone can read the draft and be entirely free to make online comments. Each participant in the public enquiry will then be invited to a French comments examination meeting.
  • End 2016/ start 2017: discussions at international level.
  • End 2017: publication of ISO 22000.

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1- “How to use ISO 22000?” and voluntary standard NF ISO 22004 “Food safety management systems - Guidance on the application of ISO 22000”
2-  Source: ISO Survey 2013 http://www.iso.org/iso/iso-survey


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