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Today's spiralling technological development requires increasingly complex metrics. Nanotechnologies are set to bring about increasingly severe guarantees on measurement accuracy.

In any business, maintaining devices and instruments perfectly matched to national calibration standards is a pledge of quality, a first-stop guarantee vital to establishing a solid position on any market — be it ultra-competitive or otherwise.

The ISO 9000 standards series has already tested companies against metrology requirements. Tomorrow's standards, and not just in sectors like surface finishing, optics or semiconductors, will push companies to invest more and more time in their metrology needs. This is why the groundwork to tomorrow's requirements needs to be done today.




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AFNOR Editions propose les Bibliothèques virtuelles - AFNOR BiVi - qui sont des bases de connaissances uniques rassemblant de la littérature technique, les normes en texte intégral et la réglementation, mises à jour en continu et dédiées à des professions telles que les métrologues et responsables de laboratoire. Découvrir AFNOR BiVi Métrologie

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