AFNOR North America offers a wide range of certification services

Your certifications are part of your values’ capital of your organization. Having a world-class certification body with you is important. AFNOR is the creator of standards in France and these standards are used worldwide.

We keep a value added group of auditors with experience and the capability to understand that they must work with your Management System to make sure the AFAQ certificate is supporting you in the best of our abilities. In the USA and Canada, we have the capability to offer certifications to :

A solution for your needs?

A solution for your needs?

A solution for your needs?

AFNOR North America offers certification and training services for quality, environment, risk management, as well as energy and food safety. We have a strong focus in the automotive, aeronautics and petroleum and natural gas industries.

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Qualified and experienced auditors

1,750 certified audit professionals work for AFNOR Group every day throughout the world. Drawing on their extensive experience in your sector and their audit-specific qualities (educator skills, listening, dialogue, etc.), our auditors break down your activities, products and services and meet with your employees to understand their specific roles and observe their methodology.

All auditors receive regular training in parallel with their professional work. They are able to cover a broad range of activities and can adapt to the size of your organization and its various structures.