Our teams

Working at AFNOR means being at the heart of the issues facing the world both today and in the future, with constantly changing projects on key topics such as CSR, energy and carbon, sustainable procurement, occupational health, the circular economy, food safety and quality.


You will be part of a fast-growing private French group offering a wide range of services and skills to all types of organization, in France and abroad, in several business lines:

  • Standardization: help professionals draft voluntary standards tailored to their markets. For those who feel invested with a mission in the general interest.
  • Publishing: publish the collection of voluntary standards in France and offer fully-digital standards intelligence solutions.
  • Training: offer training, coaching and consultancy in auditing, QSE and beyond.
  • Certification: provide recognition for products, systems, services and skills.
  • Support functions: HR, information systems, communications and marketing, finance and accounting, procurement.

A considerate recruitment process

Have you applied for one of our vacancies and been invited for an interview by a recruitment officer? After the interview, if all goes well, you’ll meet the manager of the recruiting team. We will contact you within a week.

Key figures

Afnor Team
Afnor - our teams
37 international establishments
33 nationalities

Take charge of your career

The diversity of the Group’s businesses and services around the world allows our employees to develop their skills and careers in a wide range of positions and areas of activity. Under the skills development plan, employees follow training courses requested by their manager and approved by their management.


89% Percentage of Group employees trained in 2022 (national average: 52%)

3.58% Total payroll devoted to in-job training in 2022


Employees can request approval for training outside the plan for new projects, new technologies, etc. Training leading to a qualification can be organized to support changes in positions or internal mobility. An online training catalogue is available for all employees.

Why choose us over other employers?

Quality of life at work

  • A good work-life balance
  • Benefits for children and carers: days off to care for sick children, time off on back-to-school days, inter-company crèche at La Plaine Saint-Denis, days off for carers
  • Health benefits: blood tests, medical check-ups, vaccinations, preventive action
  • End-of-career adjustments to working hours may be possible.


Flexible working

  • Remote working: an occasional remote working (ORW) charter allows employees to work from home for two days a week if their jobs are suited, with a remote signing-in system
  • Flexible work organization according to the department’s needs, with variable working hours for non-management level employees and annualized working time for our managerial staff
  • Attractive personal protection and supplementary health insurance benefits.


Disability benefits

  • A policy of keeping people with disabilities in their positions
  • Adaptation of workstations or working hours for disabled employees, if necessary
  • Adjustments for parents of disabled children.


Equal pay

  • Managers are instructed ensure equal treatment in terms of pay and promotion
  • A salary guarantee system is in place for women on maternity leave.


The works council

  • Gift vouchers and holiday vouchers
  • Cultural events
  • Sports events (Paris-Versailles, Odyssea, Voie Royale, Course des Lumières, etc.)