Discover a unique world of 1,300 employees worldwide that is looking for your skills in numerous specialties: project managers in standardization, IT, digital technology, business, etc. Realize your potential in a human-sized private organization that really cares about the development of its employees.

You will contribute to the growth of a private French group that cares about corporate social responsibility and offers a broad range of services and skills to all types of organizations. You will work at the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s key issues, on constantly evolving projects in energy, the silver economy, digital technology, the cities of the future, big data, etc. The performance of the AFNOR Group is driven by the mindset and the attitudes of every one of its employees with regard to its stakeholders. A mindset that is shared in the group’s four values: teamwork, responsibility, trust and quality

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A defined career path


Within the AFNOR Group, an induction process is intended for each new arrival. To this end, a mentorship-based program welcomes the new employee. For a period of one to six months, depending on the position, the auditor coach regularly supports the new arrival on issues encountered enabling them to assess the employee’s skills acquisition.

In addition to this mentoring, each new arrival attends an induction day where all of the group’s business units are presented: this is the “Getting to know each other” day.

Skills development

The AFNOR Group invests over 4% of its total payroll in training. That is almost three times the legal minimum. This means that every year, 80% of the personnel will undergo training at least once. The AFNOR Group also prioritizes exchanges between employees and managers with appraisal meetings and professional interviews, not forgetting the interviews by the HRD.


The diversity of the business units and group services throughout the world allows its staff to pursue careers in various positions and in numerous areas of activity. The size of the enterprise helps with this functional and geographical mobility. Each year, on average, fifteen or so people change unit or subsidiary.


Since 2013, the AFNOR Group has been signing agreements supporting occasional remote working (ORW). ORW enables staff whose business units permit it to telecommute. 70% of employees are eligible for this scheme for up to ten days a year. An attractive family health insurance package, a sound provident fund, an on-site nurse and social worker at the head office, a quality company canteen, a time savings account and an incentive among other things. The AFNOR Group employees enjoy significant advantages.


The AFNOR Group regularly brings together all of its staff to share the group’s news and strategy. These important moments take place in a different setting to normal, for example at the Fratellini Academy, the circus arts school in Saint-Denis. Staff are also gathered together in smaller committees on specific themes. The staff from a single business unit, and those from any support functions, also meet for business unit seminars. Finally, “discovery cafes”, open-house type events, are organized alternately by the various departments to introduce or provide more information about their business units.

Festive moments

The well-being of AFNOR Group staff also involves recreational activities, either spontaneous or organized within the employee representative committee and even off-site half days where staff are invited to try out a leisure activity.


The engineers are responsible for providing certification services, whether certifying systems, products, services or skills. They work in extremely varied areas of activity. In addition to their technical skills, they contribute to customer satisfaction and retention. They are also project managers and oversee various applications within an ecosystem.

The assistants are an essential link within the teams. They play a supporting role and an active part in the team’s cohesion. Working independently, they are actively involved in the sustainability of customer relationships within the framework of the commercial policy defined by the group. Assistants are involved at various levels and in all of our activities: business, sales administration, project management, management, support, etc. offering a multidisciplinary approach to their activities.

This is the job associated with certification, one of the group’s four activities. The AFNOR auditor, whether a group employee or an outside agent, performs audits and assessments in accordance with the procedures and rules specific to each standard. They must hold an auditor’s certificate. At AFNOR Certification, auditors are directly involved in the development of new services or in improving the existing services. The AFNOR auditor also has the ability to provide feedback about opportunities. He or she therefore has a keen sense of communication. Interested? Apply now!

The developer drives forward business, marketing or technological development within each of the AFNOR Group’s four main entities: standardization, certification, publishing and training. The AFNOR developer’s talent lies in knowing how to organize his or her activities within three stages: lobbying watch services, to identify key players and incorporate strategic networks, the development plan in which he or she devises their strategy and promotes it among the market participants, and the response to customer expectations in which he or she offers assistance and can offer and provide follow-up.

Building on his or her position of classic trainer with the role of implementer for work on new training courses, the AFNOR trainer must have past experience in the field of standardization and certification. His or her concept of education goes beyond simply developing a technique; it is more like a facet of his or her personality. Day to day, he or she acts as an oversight body and trainer for the intercompany and intra-company placements. It is the trainer to whom the group, through its AFNOR Competences subsidiary, entrusts responsibility for promoting the quality and added value of the services sold by it.

At AFNOR, a documentalist has an ability to anticipate, loves organizing and has editorial talents. He or she provides technical support, both internally and for the group’s external customers. He or she provides information about the existence and content of French, European, international and foreign standards or rules. He or she is capable of finding parallels between the standards or rules depending on their origin. He or she is involved in the development and implementation of new information products and new documentary tools. The AFNOR documentalist masters hard copy documents and electronic media with the same precision.