COVID-19 information

(updated on 30 October 2020)

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to limit its economic consequences, AFNOR Group has made every effort to ensure the continuity of its on-site and remote services, adapted to your needs and requirements. Each group entity has put in place a business continuity plan addressing all of our stakeholders: customers, partners, visitors, employees. Standardization, Publishing, Training, Certification… our solutions have proven themselves; you can count on us to offer you the best solution to suit your situation and your needs.

Conditions for receiving the public

Our offices remain open, at headquarters and at our regional locations, to continue providing the services that cannot be delivered remotely.

In accordance with government recommendations, we have implemented the appropriate health measures to ensure your safety and that of our employees. This organization, which is designed to limit the risk of contamination and spread of the virus, does not absolve people arriving on the sites of their individual and civic responsibility.  As such, people with symptoms will have to use their better judgment and not enter the premises.
If, within 15 days following your visit to one of our sites, you present symptoms characteristic of Covid-19, please warn us.

For everyone’s safety, access to the site will be denied in the following cases:

  • Presence of symptoms
  • For Saint-Denis: refusal to undergo temperature checks (refusing to sign the “Information and acceptance of temperature check” document at the entrance of the site)
  • Temperature equal to or higher than 38°

In order to better organize your presence on site, please read these instructions.

Respect distancing measures

In the context of the Covid-19 health crisis that we are currently experiencing, the first preventive action to prevent  the spread of the virus is to respect distancing measures to protect yourself and others. It is therefore our individual responsibility to respect them at all times and in all places. Posters to remind you of the distancing measures are present in our rooms and in many places throughout our sites to remind you of the instructions.

Visitor reception

Specifics for the Saint-Denis site

  • Anyone coming to the site must go through the reception hall. Refer to the posters to get into the line that concerns you and respect floor markings to keep the required distance. (One line for visitors/One line for people with permanent badges.)
  • Temperature check at the entrance using a thermal camera. You will be asked to give your consent for the temperature check by filling in the “Information and acceptance of temperature check” document
  • Our reception desk is equipped with plexiglass protections and our hostesses have hydro-alcoholic gel and personal protective equipment adapted to the position they occupy. In order to limit contact, you will be asked to present your identity document so that they can read it without touching it, and to deposit the signed document referred to in point 1 at the place they will indicate.
  • Regular cleaning of contact points and sanitary facilities throughout the day on the entire site.

Common to all sites:

  • Mandatory hand disinfection with hydro-alcoholic gel before entering the site—contactless dispenser positioned at the reception desk
  • To limit the introduction of potentially soiled objects, when entering the sites it is mandatory to throw away single-use masks and gloves or to bag reusable masks and gloves. Bags are available at the reception desk if needed.
  • Our rooms are disinfected every evening and at each change of occupant. (treatment of surfaces and contact points)
Arrival at our sites As you know, as of 1 September everyone must wear a mask at our sites. The arrival hygiene protocol has been revised accordingly. Our visitors must now arrive equipped with their own barrier masks and change their mask before they enter our premises if they have traveled by public transport

Traffic in the premises:

If the configuration of the premises allows it, a traffic plan is implemented in the premises  to limit crossings and ensure distancing between visitors. (Examples: stairs dedicated either to go up or go down, one-way signposting, use of lifts by one person at a time only, etc.) If the layout of premises (all or part) does not allow it, signs will be placed to mention a vigilance zone and the conduct to be followed; for example, “check that the way is clear before entering”. These areas are also indicated in red on the floor plans that you will find near the lifts and stairs.

Fitting out of meeting rooms

  • The capacity of our rooms has been reviewed to ensure that distancing is respected. The new capacity is indicated at the entrance to each room under the screen (for Saint-Denis only, the Regional Delegations are not equipped with a display screen).
  • The chairs installed correspond to the maximum number of participants and the seats to be occupied to respect distancing measures are indicated on the tables. It is strictly forbidden to move chairs or tables and to add equipment. Only the General Services teams (DLIS), who can be reached on extension 33 33, are authorized to make changes.
  • Personal materials must be brought by participants (pens, notebooks, etc.) and then kept in their bags. They should not be shared.
  • Boxes of disinfecting wipes are available in the rooms and must be used before and after any handling of common objects (fountain, telephone, thermostat, etc.).


Meals will be provided either by access to the company restaurant at a set time (for Saint-Denis) or by the delivery of meal trays.