Who we are ?

With 1,480 members of AFNOR Association, a workforce of 1,170, 39 offices in the world et 69,000 customers, the AFNOR Group designs and deploys solutions based on voluntary standards around the world. The Group serves the general interest in its standardization activities and provides services in such competitive sectors as training, professional and technical information and intelligence, assessment and certification.

Four business units operating worldwide

AFNOR is vested with a general-interest mission, as defined by the French Standardization Decree of 16 June 2009, to coordinate leadership of the French standardization system.

AFNOR Publishing, the official distributor of voluntary standards in France, offers a range of professional and technical information and intelligence solutions with carefully thought-out designs for easy online use.

AFNOR Competencies offers a full range of training, coaching and consultancy solutions to provide, promote and certify skills development with market recognition.

AFNOR Certification provides certification and assessment services and engineering for products, systems, services and competencies, and issues the AFAQ and NF marks and the European Ecolabel.

Key figures

90 years of AFNOR

1926… 2016 : ninety years is plenty of time for building trust ! In-depth look at the AFNOR Association’s key dates

The AFNOR association
From the filing of the Articles of Association and merger with AFAQ and then UTE to joining ISO and CEN on behalf of France, take a look back at some of the AFNOR Association’s key milestones.

The men
Jean Tribot-Laspière, Boris Vian, Bernard Vaucelle, Philippe Boulin, Henri Martre, Alan Bryden, François Ailleret, Olivier Peyrat, Claude Satinet. They have all shaped AFNOR!

The voluntary standards
Breeze block characteristics, maritime freight container dimensions, A4 paper format, bulb bases, quality management and corporate social responsibility, etc. All of these are AFNOR standards!

The labels
NF label, AFAQ certificates, NF Environnement mark, European Eco-Label and the Equality Label, not forgetting the visual identity embodied in the various generations of logos… The AFNOR Group is also 90 years of labels!

The day-to-day work
Opening of regional delegations, relocation of the La Défense head office to Plaine-Saint-Denis, the Enjeux magazine, anniversary books and original exhibitions, etc. In 90 years, AFNOR has done all that!