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A benchmark player in certification and assessment, AFNOR Certification has supported organizations in all sectors and of all sizes for close on 25 years, helping them improve their competitiveness and have their good practices endorsed by quality marks recognized by professionals.

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Certification of systems, products, services, competencies, assessment of performance in areas as diverse as energy efficiency, IT security, quality and sustainable development: AFNOR Certification offers a range of more than 500 high-value-added services and can also work with you to develop new certifications and so continue to respond as effectively as possible to your needs.

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approved bodies issue the NF Mark

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1,750 certified audit professionals work for AFNOR Certification every day throughout the world. Drawing on their extensive experience in your sector and their audit-specific qualities (educator skills, listening, dialogue, etc.), our auditors break down your activities, products and services and meet with your employees to understand their specific roles and observe their methodology. All auditors receive regular training in parallel with their professional work. They are able to cover a broad range of activities and can adapt to the size of your organization and its various structures.

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Discover the story of Leah who calls upon AFNOR Certification to recognize her management practices and thus conquer new markets. With this small animation of two minutes, discover or show the benefits of certification and the steps it requires.

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