Auditors / Assignements

Are you a professional who wants to branch out into new fields of activity and to input your knowledge into a new activity? AFNOR Group can enable you to do this on its behalf, in the form of assignments as an auditor, assessor, trainer or author, working on the flagship themes on which its reputation is founded, such as quality, safety, the environment or OH&S, as well as on emerging subjects. Join our network of external skills!

Become an auditor

Are you a freelance or salaried consultant, with expertise and skills in a particular area of activity or a subject that you want to share (automotive, aerospace, vocational training, food processing, information systems, etc.)? By becoming an auditor, you will discover the world outside, spend time in the field, meet professionals, challenge their practices and broaden your activity. When you conduct audits on the behalf of the AFNOR Group’s certification and assessment activity, you will:

  • have the opportunity to work in France and abroad for a multi-specialist certification organization: normative and regulatory watch services, access to practical rules and audit jurisprudence;
  • benefit from individual support from a dedicated counselor;
  • use digital tools to manage your activity on a daily basis;
  • attend regular meetings with your peers to exchange and extend your network.

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Still not ICA-certified?

ICA auditor * certification is a prerequisite for performing third-party audits of management systems.

More information about the prerequisites

* You must also meet the sector skills that we are currently looking for and those demanded by our clients.

Become a trainer

Afnor Become a trainer

Are you an accomplished trainer? Are you looking to design and run training courses or provide consulting services?

Become an author

Afnor Become an author

A passion for the written word? We are looking for dedicated professionals to prepare articles and papers for AFNOR Publishing.