Health, safety and quality of life in the workplace: a global challenge

Managers, prevention officers, human resources managers, occupational doctors, trade unions, employees… Aiming to address occupational health and safety issues (OH&S) via a continual improvement approach? Here are our solutions.

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ISO 45001 occupational health and safety

Interested by a first OH&S certification? Already certified and wish to migrate to ISO 45001? AFNOR Certification offers two different approaches geared to your specific needs and scheduling constraints. Download for free our AFNOR Certification Guide “The key features of ISO 45001 certification“!

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Buy the OH&S voluntary standards

OH&S voluntary standards

Published in March 2018, the new international voluntary standard ISO 45001 helps you construct your occupational health and safety management system, adopting the same model as ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

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Develop your OH&S competencies

Thinking of taking the training route to help you prepare for deployment of the new standard ISO 45001 and develop a transition plan ? Whether focusing on health and safety alone, or combined with quality or environment approaches, your management system will be in step with global best practices ! AFNOR Group offers you training courses in the UK, Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

OH&S competencies
Get your organization certified

Get your organization certified

Get your organization certified

Holding occupational health & safety certification tells the world that your company complies with regulations and is organized effectively on continual improvement lines. This is a differentiating factor in terms of gaining market share. It’s also an effective way of supporting employees’ efforts. Certification is a reward for everyone who contributes to its success !

Considering ISO 45001 certification ?

Food Safety standards

Build OH&S volontary standards

Already involved in OH&S matters to some extent in your everyday work? You can participate in developing the voluntary standards that will set your future goals! To do this, approach the standardization body in your country. As with AFNOR on behalf of France, one of this body’s prerogatives is to promote a national document outside its own borders, thereby helping to create an international benchmark. As an expert in the field, you can work together with the competent institutions and make your voice heard.

Occupational health & safety

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