SBAS L1 receivers for maritime applications: submit a proposal

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Space sector: performance and testing of SBAS L1 receivers for maritime application contribute to European works by submitting a proposal.

This call for tenders aims at the selection of experts to address part of the response to EC standardization request M/496 (“Mandate addressed to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI to develop standardization regarding space industry). The specific objectives for this project is to produce the technical content needed for the development of a new standard in the IEC 61108 series that will focus on SBAS L1 receivers for maritime applications. The work will be split into two work packages (WP) which cover:- the definition of minimum performances for SBAS L1 on GNSS maritime receivers (WP1).- the definition of test methods and a technical implementation of the tests. End date for the call : 22th of August 2020.

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