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About the AFNOR

AFNOR timeline of key dates


1st  january 2014

AFNOR and UTE come together.


January 2013

Olivier Peyrat is appointed Vice-President (finance) of ISO.


22 June 2011


Claude Satinet is elected Chairman of AFNOR. François Ailleret becomes Honorary Chairman.


January 2011


AFNOR Certification changes the identity of its certification marks including AFAQ and NF.


16 June 2009

Publication of Decree No. 2009-697 related to standardization.


26 January 2009

Ile-de-France region staff teams aggregated at the AFNOR Group's La Plaine Saint-Denis HQ.



Olivier Peyrat is elected Chairman of the ISO Committee on conformity assessment (CASCO).


23 December 2004

The AFNOR and the AFAQ merge to form the AFNOR Group, with the AFNOR association shouldered by three business subsidiaries.


1 October 2004

AFNOR welcomes in Lyon the CEN General Assembly.




François Ailleret is elected Chairman of AFNOR. Henri Martre becomes Honorary Chairman.


Olivier Peyrat appointed AFNOR CEO.



Alan Bryden is elected General Secretary of ISO. He succeeds Larry Eicher (USA).


October 1999


Alan Bryden appointed AFNOR CEO. He succeeds Bernard Vaucelle.




Marks the first AFAQ ISO 14001 (environmental management) certificate awarded.


September 1994

AFNOR welcomes in Nice the ISO-CEI General Assembly.




Henri Martre is elected Chairman of AFNOR. Philippe Boulin becomes Honorary Chairman.


Creation of the Institut de Certification des Auditeurs (ICA; Auditors Certification Institute).


22 December 1992


NF mark issued in food industry and services sector-specific NF label formats.


June 1989


Date marking the first AFAQ ISO 9001 certificate awarded.


20 July 1988

The AFAQ, Association Française d’Assurance de la Qualité (French Association for Quality Assurance) founded as a certification body in response to the emergence of ISO 9000 standards as first-choice toolkits for structuring business-led quality policy. Jacques Texier is elected Chairman of AFAQ, Olivier Peyrat is appointed CEO.


April 1984


Philippe Boulin is elected Chairman of AFNOR.


26 January 1984

Publication of Decree No. 84-74 awarding AFNOR a general interest mission related to standardization.


December 1977


Bernard Vaucelle appointed AFNOR CEO.


23 March 1961


The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) is founded by national standardization associations from EEC and EFTA member nations. Secretariat responsibility is handed to AFNOR during the launch phase.


27 June 1949

AFNOR welcomes in La Sorbonne in Paris the ISO General Assembly.


23 February 1947


The ISO, International Organization for Standardization, is founded, with the AFNOR playing a decisive role.


5 March 1943

AFNOR is decreed a recognized public-benefit utility.


10 January 1939


AFNOR gets authorization to deliver its NF label, a national label signalling conformance to standards.


22 June 1926


The AFNOR, Association Française de Normalisation (French Association for Standardization) was founded.


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