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The energy audit, an essential prerequisite

Energy performance represents a strategic issue for enterprises. Legislation recognizes its preeminent role in meeting the challenges associated with climate change and economic competitiveness. The 2012 European Directive on Energy Efficiency required companies with more than 250 employees or with an annual turnover over EUR 50 million and an annual balance total over EUR 43 million to carry out an energy audit every four years. Further rulings are under preparation at European and national level to enable achievement of the 2030 and 2050 targets. The tertiary sector will be a priority focus, given its significant energy saving potential.

Ready to offer its expertise to organizations wishing to improve and demonstrate their energy performance, the AFNOR Group – having already led voluntary standardization initiatives in this field over a number of years – has created AFNOR Energies, a new AFNOR Development department in addition to the AFNOR Group’s training, certification and qualification services, intended to serve enterprises and energy audit service providers (engineering & design offices, consultants, etc.).

AFNOR Energies is qualified to carry out energy audits in the industrial and construction sectors based on conformity with the European voluntary standard EN 16247. It also provides services involving definition of measurement plans, or measurement and verification plans for energy performance in accordance with French and international reference guidelines on these subjects (FD X30-147, ISO 50006, ISO 50015, ISO 17741, etc.).

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