Quality management

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Quality-driven strategies provide company directors with additional safeguards when growing their business in new national or international markets. Such strategies are the keys to improving the company’s performance, creating better working conditions for employees and fine-tuning processes for greater effectiveness. Read on for an overview of the strategies available to your company, especially voluntary standard ISO 9001:2015.

Certify your quality management system (QMS)

ISO 9001:2015 certification is the pathway to raising your company’s productivity, achieving operational savings and winning market shares.

Obtaining certification shows that your organization is structured, champions innovation, nurtures its customer relations and promotes teamwork.

Enrol for quality management training

Whatever the maturity of your quality policy, whether a team project or an individual approach, choose your bespoke training course or create your own qualification-based course.

Develop voluntary quality standards

By joining a standardization commission, you participate in defining market rules, make your business, company or organization known to French partners, benefit from a privileged relational network and develop your technology intelligence! The standards of quality management systems are now issued, like NF EN ISO 9001, but many others need to be prepared or updated. You are an expert of quality management in your business? Join one of AFNOR’s standardization committee!

Track and keep abreast of the latest developments in quality management

Implementing technical documents, keeping applicable standards up to date, identifying the actions to be taken… Managing risks and ensuring your company sustainability involve taking up an increasing number of challenges. In order to help you succeed, AFNOR Publishing has set two goals: simplify your daily activities and enable you to save time. COBaz is designed for this.

Strive for managerial excellence with EFQM

Have you rolled out a number of strategies to improve your performance (quality, environment, CSR reporting, certification required by your customers, etc.)? Do you want to manage them with greater consistency? Want to give new impetus to your certifications or build an action plan to lead change? Looking to assess your organization, determine your strengths and identify your opportunities for improvement.

EFQM can meet your needs. Almost 50,000 organizations around the world have harnessed the benefits of this model.