Energy savings

Energy savings - ISO 50001

Do you need to renew your regulatory energy audit or comply with the decree on tertiary buildings? Do you want to commit your organization to supporting the energy transition? Before considering renewable and low-carbon energies, look at sparing use of energy, energy efficiency and energy saving measures! Use our tools and services to construct an energy management system generating long term gains that are easy to measure and verify.

At the core of an offer ranging from writing voluntary standards on energy management, professional development and qualification for energy auditing through to ISO 50001 certification, the AFNOR Energies Ingénierie design office offers you:

Decree on tertiary buildings: AFNOR Energies at your side for the 2030 deadline

Offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, banks, municipal buildings… In France, the law requires occupants of tertiary sector buildings with surface area over 1,000 m² to adopt and follow an energy saving approach until 2050. With an initial first stage target of 40% reduction in 2030 compared with 2010. Energy auditing, a measurement plan, ISO 50001 management system, the IPMV Protocol, and more… AFNOR Energies helps you construct your road map. Our energy engineers provide the right advice so that your actions bear fruit, and make a secure platform available to you for collection and monitoring of your single-site and multi-site data, connected to OPERAT.

Low Carbon: all our labels and certifications

Rational use of resources, energy savings, reliability of installations, reduction of environmental impact, business activities, etc. Certification is an effective method for assisting with the day-to-day challenge of improving energy performance. Quickly discover the many certifications of standards in the energy sector, including those of our subsisdiary GutCert in Germany!

ISO 50001: all about the 2018 version

AFNOR Energies experts have prepared for you a wide range of tools (workshops, videos, analyses, etc.) so that you can discover the 2018 version of ISO 50001 one step at a time and so that you have every opportunity to improve your energy performance.

The 4 new features of the new ISO 50001

    1. Gives guidelines to know how much energy you can save
    2. Lets you prove your energy performance is continually improving
    3. Helps you calculate your ROI and report it to investors
    4. Makes you on the cutting edge of Energy Efficiency regulation