Energy : solutions for action

Energies : solutions for action

Voluntary standards represent an effective way of helping organizations tackle their everyday challenges: rational use of resources, energy savings, reliable facilities, reduced environmental impact, activities, and so on. Given new issues such as security of energy sources, energy independence, reducing greenhouse gases and the liberalization of energy markets, standardization is evolving in response to the profound changes in the energy sector. Improving energy performance is also considered a pivotal priority in order to control energy demand. According to French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME), energy consumption can potentially be reduced by up to 40% depending on the initial situation of a building or enterprise.

Be good and ready your energy audit

Pursuant to a 2012 European Directive, large enterprises are required to carry out energy audits before 30 June 2016 and subsequently every four years. Companies concerned are those with 250 or more employees or more than 50 million Euro in annual turnover and more than an annual balance sheet total of 43 million Euro. In France, 10,000 companies are subject to this requirement.

AFNOR Group proposes a complete services offer (in French) dedicated to enterprises and energy audit service providers (design offices, consultants, etc.) to help them implement their energy efficiency projects in compliance with regulatory requirements.

For organizations wishing to familiarize themselves with the approach prior to the audit itself, AFNOR Editions offers a collection of useful standards in this field and an analysis (in French) provided by the public body ADEME.

The energy audit is an exercise that should be entrusted to someone trained in how to conduct it. This could be an external auditor or a specialist colleague. Discover our energy audit qualification offers (in French).

ISO 50001 : a frame of reference

ISO 50001 Study

ISO 50001 Study

Three years after publication of standard ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems, AFNOR Group analyzed the practices and experiences of numerous ISO-50001-certified organizations. Our survey identifies the benefits, the difficulties encountered and the savings made by those who made the leap. 95% of ISO 50001 users strongly recommend the standard, and 89% are satisfied.