ISO 50001 revision: our interpretation

AFNOR Energies experts have prepared for you a wide range of tools (workshops, videos, analyses, etc.) so that you can discover the new version of ISO 50001 one step at a time and so that you have every opportunity to improve your energy performance.

The 4 new features of the new ISO 50001

Gives guidelines to know how much energy you can save
Lets you prove your energy performance is continually improving
Helps you calculate your ROI and report it to investors
Makes you on the cutting edge of Energy Efficiency regulation

ISO 50001 : what is it ?

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ISO 50001: become an energy efficiency expert

The new version of ISO 50001 structures your energy performance approach and lets you identify energy savings of up to 25% of your energy bill. Large groups, micro businesses, government departments, public buildings… the time has come for all to roll up their sleeves with AFNOR Energies!