A range of training courses for all roles

For nearly 40 years, AFNOR Competencies has sought to develop innovative training solutions to help organizations improve their understanding and use of frames of reference

– standards, regulatory requirements
– and thereby improve performance.

The French market leader in training on management systems (quality, safety and environment), associated methods, audit and assessment, AFNOR Competencies also delivers technical training for organizations involved in industrial performance, sustainable construction and real estate. Able to adapt to all needs, AFNOR Competencies offers turnkey training solutions (inter-enterprise), customized solutions (intra-enterprise), information and training days delivered in-person, remotely or blended, diagnostics and support plans.

AFNOR Competencies is committed to a continual improvement approach with EFQM recognition. The high customer satisfaction rate it achieves is significantly above average for the profession: over 50% of customers are very satisfied, as opposed to an average in France of 36%.

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Entertaining and innovative teaching & learning methods

AFNOR Competencies sees innovation as central to its training systems. Our team of trainers designs original digital or in-person educative tools: professional social media networks, e-learning, serious games, online trainee areas, performance tests, e-books, association games, puzzle and miming games, quiz boxes, mock tests, etc.

Recognition systems to optimally benefit from your training and get it recognized

AFNOR Competencies offers recognition systems ranging from simple validation through to certification of application of new knowledge on site. AFNOR Competencies is the first training body to use CPF (personal training account) codes for its auditor and energy efficiency expert training programmes.

Diploma-based and BADGE training

Longer training courses in partnership with prestigious higher education establishments and universities: Mines de Douai, ESQESE- Paris Descartes, KEDGE – leading to qualifications such as Master’s, RNCP, DU, BADGE and specialized Master’s.

Certified vocational training

Training programmes validated by verbal defence of a professional project and by an examination before a panel of experts leading to the award of a professional development certificate or individual certifications issued by independent certifying bodies.

Themed training courses

Comprising a number of training modules, these courses are an opportunity to gain deeper insight into a subject area, technical field or entire area of expertise. This training can be followed in person or as a blended-learning scheme.

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