Environmental management:
plan, do, check and act with ISO 14001

Environmental management

Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions, defining the characteristics of a recycled material, ecolabelling on a product or service with lower environmental impact, and so on. In the area of concern for the environment, standardization is omnipresent.

And what is also charged with providing a framework for a subject of growing concern, the circular economy? Standardization. A voluntary standard constitutes a benchmark on which a certification process can then be based. Find out what AFNOR Group offers in this area, starting with the flagship standard on Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001, revised in 2015.

A flagship standard: iso 14001

Revised in 2015, the voluntary standard ISO 14001 sets out the necessary requirements for putting in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). It is intended for all organizations regardless of their size or activity. It is applicable in all sectors: industry (agrifood, metallurgy, textiles, mechanical engineering, chemicals, etc.) but also medical, social and administrative areas and more…

It seeks to advance continual improvement of environmental performance, encouraging the establishment of organizational systems to reduce relevant environmental impacts: raw materials, water, energy, waste, etc.

ISO 14001 is based on the PDCA Cycle and its 4 key phases (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and on continually striving for excellence.

ISO 14001 sets out 18 requirements that can be broken down into 6 sections:

  • General requirements
  • Environment policy
  • Planning
  • Actions implementing the environmental policy
  • Management review

Iso 14001 certification: a commitment to environmental progress

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The environmental management function constructs and steers operation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It also supports the ISO 14001 certification approach. Depending on organizations (single-site, multi-site), it may also need to arrange for environmental audits. These will be conducted by internal or external auditors to verify compliance with ISO 14001 requirements.

Valid for three years, ISO 14001 certification is a voluntary process demonstrating an organization’s environmental responsibility to its customers and partners, while strengthening committed involvement by both management and employees. ISO 14001 certification also provides significant competitive and financial benefits. In 2020, around 350,000 ISO 14001 certificates were current worldwide, covering more than 568,000 sites, according to the ISO Survey.

From energy management to climate management

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Climate neutrality by 2050 is the European goal. Achieving it will require a social and economic transformation, which harbours many challenges but also many new opportunities.

While many businesses have made some steps to improve efficiency with LED lighting, heating or improved insulation, a significant proportion believe simply choosing renewables can solve the problem with climate change entirely, meaning the bigger picture on carbon dioxide is often missed. Companies often think they can meet their responsibilities exclusively within the boundaries of their own workplaces, when their sphere of influence stretches far wider.

AFNOR International fosters the idea that putting action on climate change at the centre produces a much more holistic and tangible approach for those looking to face up to their responsibilities. Are you ready to shift ?

Act for biodiversity

Afnor act for biodiversity

In terms of biodiversity, working within a clear framework shared as widely as possible helps us all speak the same language and secure our commitment. This is the subject of normative work developed by biodiversity stakeholders at national level with AFNOR, with in particular the standard NF X32-001, and at international level with the ISO. Since July 2020, AFNOR has indeed been steering the preparation of ISO standards on biodiversity, on behalf of France. The first standards will be completed by 2023.

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