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AFNOR Publishing, a publisher of professional and technical solutions and information based on voluntary standards, contributes to organizational performance by ensuring availability of the content of standards and regulations, at any time and with complete confidence. With 90% digital solutions, AFNOR Publishing strives to offer reliable, consolidated and easily accessible content.

It meets 4 major needs: document access, intelligence, analysis and assessment. In this era of global competition, AFNOR Publishing has the necessary international clout to facilitate access for French organizations to foreign voluntary standards.

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Do you need to access the content of standards in order to innovate, respond to an invitation to tender, commit to a certification approach or ensure compliance of your products or services?

From among the 34,000 voluntary standards and normative documents in the AFNOR Publishing collection, you can purchase items individually, in various formats (html, pdf and paper) or benefit from 5 documents via a subscription at special rates. For customers seeking wall-to-wall information, collections of voluntary standards and regulatory texts are also available.


Normative watch: a head start!

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To be sure that your products and services comply with market requirements, you need assurance that you are referring to the latest versions of voluntary standards. You can manage your normative intelligence system yourself or entrust it to us. Sagaweb, Perinorm, and many other solutions.

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Implementing a standard in your organization can turn out to be a major headache. Our online OK Pilot application is a turnkey solution for assessing your organization and keeping your performance approaches on track amid a wide selection of standards.

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