Responsible together 2017-2020: the first progress report

Cover of 2017 csr report

On the occasion of the AFNOR Association’s general meeting in Paris on 26 June 2018, the AFNOR Group published its first CSR report, deeming it necessary to adopt the same solutions based on ISO 26000 that it offers its customers.

As part of the “Responsible together 2017 – 2020” policy, the AFNOR Group is striving to adopt the same CSR solutions that it offers its customers. These solutions are based on voluntary standard ISO 26000, which provides guidance on how CSR policies can be effectively deployed in businesses. On the occasion of the General Meeting of the AFNOR Association on 26 June 2018, the AFNOR Group published a first progress report, listing the actions undertaken in 2017, the first calendar year of the exercise.

“AFNOR and its 1,300 employees, don’t need convincing. To use yet another three-letter acronym, CSR is in our DNA. Our standards, labels and certifications help to build trusted frameworks and safer markets, boost your competitive performance and enable you to build a world that is safer, more sustainable and more responsible. It is only natural that we also put our own house in order,” writes Olivier Peyrat, the group’s Managing Director, in the preface.

The AFNOR Group’s CSR policy rests on four pillars: ethics, employee well-being, the environment and local development. Each pillar gives rise to actions; this report reviews the state of progress of the actions undertaken in 2017. The work is coordinated by CSR Project Manager José Ortiz, whose mandate has been renewed for 2018 and beyond.

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