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Identifying the relevant indicators is a prerequisite for improving your organization’s performance. If these are inadequate, incomplete or unnecessarily complex, you will find it hard to position yourself, to progress and therefore to communicate. The Indiko AFNOR range avoids all these pitfalls by proposing meaningful key performance indicators.

Relevant benchmarking options are recommended so that you can compare different sites or rate your organization against your peers, enabling you to improve and determine your areas for improvement while also benefiting from out-of-the-box reporting solutions.

Our online indicator platform, based on themed questionnaires and custom quantitative surveys, delivers robust solutions to help you meet your objectives or (re)model your strategy, whether you operate in the public or private sector.

AFNOR Group has carved its position as a laboratory for raising organizational performance. We already provide professional watch, training, consultancy, measurement, certification and assessment solutions, and are now offering complementary benchmarking solutions based on relevant indicators. Indiko AFNOR helps you to communicate better, and improve and position your organization in subject fields such as the environment, customer experience, quality of reception, sustainable procurement (in French only), and more.

We propose appropriate performance indicators together with relevant benchmarking options to help you make effective multi-site or peer comparisons. Does your organization use more power than others? Do your competitors or subcontractors incorporate more sustainable development criteria into their proposals than you do? Are the experiences you offer citizens or customers appropriate? Ask yourself the right questions, achieve your goals and determine your areas for improvement with our Indiko AFNOR range, all in an effective and ready-to-use format for reporting.

Our online platforms, based on themed questionnaires and custom quantitative surveys, are robust solutions to help you define or adjust your strategy, whether you operate in the public or private sector.

Online indicator platforms

Online indicators Indiko

Responsible procurement, environment and soon quality… Our online questionnaires help you gather the key information you need to construct your future operational dashboard. You then enter the data and immediately receive an initial situation report. You will be able to access the average results obtained by other organizations for each indicator. You can then qualify your results but also share them internally to convince others of the relevance of the actions you have taken or that you envisage taking.

When you personalize your dashboard, AFNOR Indiko becomes a valuable performance management tool.

Custom surveys

Service activities, whether performed in the public or private sector, cannot be measured, qualified or analyzed without in-depth studies.

Our custom survey division has operated over the last five years to help public players evaluate how citizens experience their operational processes. The first level of our service is free of charge: this allows you to compare your results with those of other public organizations (local government, universities, chambers of commerce, family benefits services, hospitals, etc.) and obtain an initial evaluation of the quality of your relations with the users of your services.

For the private sector, we help provide clearer insight into every facet of the customer experience by focusing on the key emotions felt by customers before, during and after their purchase.

Custom surveys - Indiko

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